With over 10 years of experience in the lighting industry, U.S. lighting company Lighting Science brings to market advanced LED lighting products, and annual shipments for LED light bulbs have reached 50 million units. It also provides retail private-label LED solutions. In addition, the group has a well-established sales network, with products sold within U.S. major retail stores like Home Depot.

Global Value Lighting CEO Ed Bednarcik

Faced with rising production costs, Lighting Science formed a joint venture, Global Value Lighting, with Chinese LED maker MLS in 2017. The goal is to boost lighting product sales through strategic and collaborative partnership with an oversea EMS. The joint venture now owns a product line including standard LED light bulbs, downlights and LED filament bulbs. At LFI 2017, LEDinside interviewed Ed Bednarcik, CEO of Global Value Lighting, to discuss the company’s development strategies and strong channel partnerships in the American market.

Lighting Science used to have manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, and produced light bulbs for top U.S. retailers such as Home Depot, Ed Bednarcik pointed out. However, in recent years, it has gradually lost businesses to Chinese rivals who offer products at more favorable prices. To restore competitiveness, Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSG), MLS Co., Ltd., and LSG MLS JV Holdings (a subsidiary of LSG) signed an agreement to establish a joint venture, Global Value Lighting, in March 2017. Thanks to the cost-effective manufacturing MLS and its subsidiary Sunny World (Shaoxing) Green Lighting can offer, Lighting Science will be able to increase market share with competitive pricing.

At this year’s LIGHTFAIR, Global Value Lighting exhibited standard LED light bulbs, downlights and the most talked-about LED filament bulbs. Ed Bednarcik stated that LED filament bulbs will be among products witnessing the fastest growth over the next few years. This is because their costs and prices are on the same level as standard LED bulbs, which makes them more acceptable among consumers. Aside from lighting up commercial spaces, with incandescent-like design and color temperature, LED filament bulbs have also become an ideal option for home lighting in recent years.

In the future, Global Value Lighting will continue to develop its private-label LED lighting business to offer retail partners a wide variety of innovative products. In addition to securing its strong position in the North American market (including the U.S. and Canada), it also plans to expand sales in Central and South America.

(Source: LED Inside 5/12/17 )